The Japanese used car has very high popularity abroad. Therefore it may become the large amount of assessment even if it was an old Japanese car. Even if it is a car doing not seem to be popular when I have a look, it may become the amount of money not to think to have a supplier assess it. Therefore at first I recommend that I ask it for assessment without giving it up. Then on earth, in the days of a fact, what kind of country will these Japanese used cars be exported to? After all much one becomes the Asian area. For example, in late years the industrialization advances steadily in Malaysia because economic growth is very remarkable. Therefore it is the maintenance of means of transportation, and much construction is carried out for the infrastructure maintenance such as a school or the medical institution everywhere in a country. In addition, maintenance of the infrastructure is pushed forward now in famous Cambodia in Angkor Vat. However, it is useful for lack of serious used car very much in Cambodia this Japanese used car. In addition, the demand for apparatus about the agriculture is very high because a country called Cambodia is an agricultural state. A used Japanese car is necessary in this way in a lot of countries and areas. It is not only Asia, and, besides, it is useful very much in every world area such as African countries and Middle Eastern countries, South/Central American Countries a Japanese used car.